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News item Played twice last weekend

Written Monday 27 July 2015 4:35pm
Enjoyed dusting off the old SRS songs again this weekend. The bandstand in Wandle Park was cozy. And the songs suit being played in a rainy sunday afternoon. Drizzle is quite fitting. I was hoping a dog would stroll passed when we played the angriest dog, just for comic effect, but it stayed away unfortunately. A gentleman said after we played that he enjoyed the songs, although they made him feel like throwing himself into the lake and finishing it all. I think he meant this as a compliment. Tim joined me for a full set in the park on Sunday, and for half a set in the Library on Saturday. It was a good weekend. But next time I intend to have some new stuff to play...

News item Ambition Festival this weekend

Written Monday 20 July 2015 5:01pm
Okay, so I am well aware that I haven't updated this site for ages again. And I'm sorry. I apologise. I have been neglecting my duties as Superman Revenge Squad and doing other things... but I've missed it. And I'm back... I tend to return to the live stage as SRS when people ask me to, and this is no exception - there are nice people involved in picking the people that are playing as part of the Ambition Festival in Croydon and they have asked me to play twice over the weekend. Will there be new songs? Maybe - I've had a few on the boil for some time and so I might give them a first outing. Will there be old songs? Yes. Will there be favorites? Possibly, if there are people with favorite superman revenge squad songs I dare say they will go home happy. Will it be free to get in? Yes, it will not cost a penny to attend either event. Hoorah.

News item Superman Revenge Squad playing gig in London this week...

Written Sunday 15 February 2015 2:18pm
Yeah, I know I haven't been updating the site for quite a while. And I know I promised myself that I would. The truth is that I haven't played a gig for a while and I haven't had much SRS-related stuff to share. But I'm here now with some news, because me and Tim will be playing some SRS songs in London this week. On Thursday Audio Antihero have arrange a launch gig for Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love and we're playing first followed by Owl & Mouse... should be a grand evening - would love it if you could come along and listen. We played at the venue last year for another Audio Antihero launch, when Benjamin Shaw put out an album, and it was lovely then. And I just watched a new video by Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love and it was great... Other news: looks like SRS will be playing in Croydon at a festival type thing later in the year - will let you know. Non-SRS news: I've played a few gigs with the Jonbarr Hinge recently that seemed to go quite well - we're planning to record some songs at a "proper recording studio" quite soon which will be exciting. Mind you, I hate recording - I enjoy writing songs (mainly words for songs) but quite dislike the stress of having to get them recorded decently. I will like having recorded versions of the songs available for the world to listen to though.

News item Hello. Quick Update.

Written Thursday 14 August 2014 5:36pm
Hello there. Quick update. Playing in Dalston at a place called Birthdays on 27th August, with a band called Olympians. They sound really good. So looking forward to that. Me and Tim played at Wandle Park the other week, in the bandstand on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It quickly dawned on me how inappropriate my songs are when performed in front of families having their lunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I mention being sick quite a bit don't I? Played "Been a private detective for 17 months" for the first time in ages - again, quite inappropriate lyrically. An older gentleman in the audience asked if what we were doing was "rap music" apparently - I got the impression he wasn't very keen on rap music so didn't mean this as a compliment. Been toying with some new songs, so they might see the light of day sometime soon.


News item Played in Croydon Library

Written Sunday 11 May 2014 2:51pm
Me and Tim were asked to play at the cafe in the library in Croydon yesterday afternoon. And we did. And it was a grand afternoon. The two bands that played before us were called June Madrona and Months of indecision - they were great and had come all the way from America to play. I had come all the way from up the road. I like anything that can fool a passer-by into thinking that Croydon is a little bit bohemian. Played "Losing Yourself to Stadium Rock" for the first time in years. Seemed to go down okay.